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Topic Polymer-bound reactive oxygen species precursors for cancer therapy
Supervisor Miroslav Vetrík, PhD
Consultant Martin Hrubý, DSc
Department Supramolecular Polymer Systems
Description Cancer cells homeostasis is specific in increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) production. However, along with increased ROS production the antioxidant systems are induced as well to make homeostasis sustainable for cancer growth. Radiation therapy applies ionization radiation to cancer tissue to elicit the ROS production to kill the cancer cells; the radiation treatment can be boosted by application of radiosensitizers. The aim of this thesis is to prepare specific materials based on polymers that are able to deliver artificial ROS into the cancer cells or deliver precursors that will trigger the ROS generation at the place of action. Moreover, specific hypoxic markers can be utilized for active targeting to hypoxic tumor tissue. The student will design and prepare such kinds of polymer systems which will be able to release ROS as superoxide, peroxides or singlet oxygen in desired cancer site. The thesis is highly multidisciplinary, it is focused in polymer and organic synthesis, characterization techniques such as FTIR, 1-H 13-C NMR, SEC, DLS, MS and instrumental techniques for tracking self-assembly processes such as SLS, DLS, SAXS and SANS. Moreover, the student can participate on biological studies which will be performed on collaborating workplace.
It is possible to make a part of the study at collaborating workplace in France within the Barrande program “double degree PhD”, the deadline for applications February 14, 2020 (see ). If you are interested in this option, please contact the supervisor as soon as possible.