Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic The study on polymer-bound immunomodulators for medical purposes
Supervisor Olga Janoušková, Ph.D.
Consultant MS Kristýna Gunár, Ph.D.
Department Biological Models
Description Biocompatible and biodegradable polymer based molecules are very interesting and nowadays widely studied materials. Their structure and characteristics are suitable for binding a number of molecules, e.g. therapeutics, inhibitors or stimulants. This polymer-bound therapeutics show less side effects than free drug and provide the possibility of better targeting of tissues and cells.
The immune system of animals, including human, is a complex of cellular structures, individual cells and biochemical reactions. It’s the line of one’s first defense in infectious and non-infectious diseases. This dissertation will include the design of polymer structures, selection of suitable effector ligands, chemical synthesis and testing of molecules in vitro on cell and bacterial lines and on blood samples donated from donors or patients. This dissertation is an intersection of macromolecular chemistry, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology and microbiology. All data and information acquired during this research will be used for further development of molecules able to modulate immune response according to the therapy of choice.