Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic Nanotherapeutics based on antimicrobial peptides for multiresistance bacteria species treatment
Supervisor Tomáš Etrych, PhD, DSc
Department Biomedical Polymers
Description The work will be focused on the study of biodegradable polymeric nanomaterials carrying antimicrobial peptides. The studied nanomaterials will have a linear, branched or star-like structure composed from hydrophilic or amphiphilic copolymers containing stimuli-sensitive linkers. The aim of this work will be to develop an effective nanotherapeutic for the treatment of infections caused by resistant bacteria. The biological activity of these polymeric nanomaterials will be studied in dependence on the detailed structure of the whole system. The student will extend his/her knowledge in the area of ​​preparation of mentioned nanomaterials, in vitro biochemical and biological testing and in vivo biological characterization of nanomaterials. The applicant's knowledge and experience in organic and / or macromolecular chemistry is an advantage, along with the desire to learn new things in other fields, such as biochemistry. The work assumes close cooperation with cooperating biological teams in the Czech Republic and abroad.