Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic Polymeric nanomaterials for neoadjuvant multimodal therapy of advanced neoplastic diseases
Supervisor Tomáš Etrych, PhD, DSc
Department Biomedical Polymers
Description The main aim of this work will be the development of new multi-component biocompatible and non-immunogenic polymer-based nanotherapeutics and nanodiagnostics adapted for multimodal advanced therapy of neoplastic diseases. The dissertation will be based on the preparation of new polymeric nanomaterials that will allow the controlled delivery of active therapeutic agents or tumor visualization for fluorescently navigated surgery. These nanomaterials will serve as a tool for multimodal neoadjuvant therapy based on sequential administration of chemotherapy and immunotherapy in combination with fluorescently navigated surgery. The work will focus on tailor-made solutions using covalent binding of active molecules with several functions: targeted transport of active molecules, their protection during transport against degradation and controlled release based on site-specific stimuli. The thesis will consist in the design, synthesis and study of physico-chemical and biological properties of polymeric materials. The applicant's knowledge and experience in organic or macromolecular chemistry is an advantage, along with the desire to learn new things in other fields, such as biochemistry. The work assumes close cooperation with cooperating biological teams in the Czech Republic and abroad.