Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic Biodegradable polymer systems for medical applications
Supervisor Miroslav Šlouf, PhD.
Department Polymer Morphology
Description Biodegradable and biocompatible polymer systems show numerous applications in both human and veterinary medicine. We have recently developed and patented multiphase polymer systems based on thermoplasticized starch (TPS), polycaprolactone (PCL), titanium dioxide based nanoparticles (TiX) and antibiotics (ATB). Morphology and properties of these systems can be adjusted by their composition and targeted phase structure modification during the processing. TPS/PCL/ATB systems can be employed in treatment of strong local infections such as osteomyelitis. The project comprises preparation of the above systems (by melt mixing), optimization of their phase structure (targeted modification of processing conditions), characterization of their morphology (electron microscopy), properties (macro- and micromechanical properties), and participation in medical tests in collaboration with local hospital (FN Motol; treatment of local infects, biodegradability).