Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic Selective polymer therapeutics for eradication of cancer stem cells and monitoring therapeutic efficacy using exosomes
Supervisor Janoušková Olga, PhD.
Department Biological Models
Description Polymeric drug carriers allow targeting of drugs to the target site, and also minimize the side effects of therapy. Tumor stem cells (TSC) remain resistant to conventional and also polymeric drugs therapy and are often at the origin of metastasis. Tumor eradication and targeted TSC is one of the unresolved topics of tumor therapy. Exosomes have been extensively studied to monitor the modulation of the body's response to antitumor therapy and the development of metastases. Vesicles derived from the plasma membrane of cells are important indicators of physiological and pathological processes and at the same time they can transport drugs.
The aim of the project will be preparation of polymer therapeutics, selection of TSC and study of cellular response to interaction with polymer carriers and drugs, resp. intercellular communication via microparticles and exosomes, their characterization and modulation of their formation depending on the type of carrier and drug. The proposed topic concerns the overlap of the fields of biochemistry, macromolecular chemistry and molecular biology, which is currently very current with regard to the necessary interconnection of disciplines leading to more effective drug development and therapeutic approaches. In addition to the basic techniques necessary for the preparation of macromolecules, the student will learn basic methods of cell and molecular biology.