Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

Cooperation - Polymer and Colloid Immunotherapeutics

Our department cooperates with a number of top national and foreign scientific teams from prestigious academic and private sectors (see below). Within the cooperation, various biological, physical and biophysical properties of jointly developed polymer and colloidal therapeutics and contrast agents are tested. The materials can be used in the treatment and diagnosis of serious human diseases.

Czech Academy of Sciences

Dr. Vilém Neděla, Environmental Electron Microscopy Department, Institute of Scientific Instruments

Assoc. Prof. Pavla Jendelová, Department of Neuroregeneration, Institute of Experimental Medicine

Dr. Luca Vannucci, Laboratory of Immunotherapy, Institute of Microbiology


Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Dr. Daniel Jirák, Experimental MR laboratory, Radiodiagnostic and Interventional Radiology Department


First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

RNDr. Luděk Šefc, CSc., Center for Advanced Preclinical Imaging (CAPI)

Mgr. Vít Herynek, Ph.D., Center for Advanced Preclinical Imaging (CAPI)


University of Oxford (UK)

Prof. Leonard Seymour, Department of Oncology


National Institutes of Health (USA)

Dr. Robert Seder, Cellular Immunology Section, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases


Vaccitech North America (USA)

Dr. Geoffrey Lynn