Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

Projects - Chemistry and Physics of Surfaces and Biointerfaces

  1. Unraveling the physicochemical phenomena leading to antifouling bioactive surfaces (C. Rodriguez-Emmenegger/O. Pop-Georgievski, Czech Science Foundation (CSF), 15-09368)
  2. Self-endothelialization of novel bioactive surfaces of decellularized vascular grafts (T. Riedel, CSF, GA18-01163S)
  3. Advanced plasmonic biosensors: towards the next-generation biomolecular interaction analysis (T. Riedel, CSF, GA19-02739S)
  4. Blood plasma individual variability and pathophysiology and their influence on the interactions with synthetic antifouling surfaces (T. Riedel, CSF, GA20-10845S)
  5. Study of the initial self-assembly processes during the formation of biomimetic anchor layers (J. Svoboda, CSF, GA20-08679S)
  6. Understanding the "whispers" at interfaces of bioactive polymer brushes (O. Pop-Georgievski, CSF, GA20-07313S)