Oxygenerator with membrane – registered on covid19.cz

Oxygenerator with the hollow fibre membrane invented by the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Czech Academy of Sciences (IMC) and MemBrain, Ltd.

An impulse for inventing an oxygenerator with the hollow fibre membrane (HFM) was the perceived need of such equipment for potential users without any medical background and education.
Oxygenerator produces slightly pressurized air with a high oxygen content. The amount of oxygen can be adjusted easily. Similar breathing aid of a type known as CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is typically used to assist people who have breathing problems caused by a sleep apnoea.
According to reports from Italy, around half of patients given CPAP treatment have avoided the need for invasive mechanical ventilation, in which a tube is inserted down a patient´s throat.
Oxygenerator invented by the IMC scientists in cooperation with the Czech membrane producer MemBrain, Ltd differs from other oxygenerators by its hollow fibre membrane, which filters 100% of all viruses, bacteria and impurities contained in the air. Additional oxygen goes up to 45% of higher content.
The key component of the unit is the membrane module based on the hollow fibre membrane. The membrane permeates oxygen eight times faster than nitrogen, the main part in the air. Therefore, the oxygen enhancement comes into effect outside of the fibre.
HFM needs pressurized air to be brought in, implementing a common (non-oily) compressor proved as fully functioning.

We welcome any cooperation, especially with producers, mechanics, future users etc.

Inventors team: Jakub Peter, Zbyněk Pientka, Jan Žitka, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Czech Academy of Sciences and Marek Bobák, David Malý, Robert Válek, MemBrain, Ltd.
Contact: zitka, marek.bobak@membrain.cz

Schema and technical parameters of Oxygenerator HFM P3-AAA

 Pic. 1 - Schema: 1 – compressed air entry, coupler, 2 – hollow fibres membrane module, 3 – reducing valve, 4 –noise absorber, 5 –- safety valve, 6 – moisturizer, 7 – flow valve, 8 – exit coupler for connection of a nasal applicator or mask


  • Oxygenerator HFM P3-AAA
  • Incoming pressure: 10 bar, compressed clean air
  • Air consumption: 15 Nl/min
  • Outcoming pressure: atmospheric (exceptionally low overpressure)
  • Outcoming flow max.: 1,6 Nl/min
  • Oxygen concentration: 45% (enhancement to 60% theoretically possible)

Pic. 2: Demo version of the oxygenerator HFM (with a commonly available compressor)

Pic. 3: Demo version of the oxygenerator HFM (compressed air connection)