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Dr. R. Sunder

(Bangalore Integrated System Solutions Ltd. (BISS), USA)


Products for Bio-Medical and Bio-Mechanics Applications

BISS produces devices for tissue-engineered constructs and products for testing biomaterials that replace or improve tissue function affected by disease, injury or age. BISS products are designed and developed using biocompatible materials that can be sterilised and reused. BISS Low Force Systems (LFS) are used to characterise mechanical properties of polymers and biomaterials. The LFS series systems are also used as mechanical stimulators for studies involving 3D Mechanotransduction. The single footprint system can operate continuously inside an incubator to mimic in vivo conditions. This enables testing over longer periods and avoids frequent intervention during cell culture. Also the systems are designed to operate cooler and have the advantage of maintaining sterile conditions within the incubator. For testing implants and characterizing material properties BISS LFS has the option of using a torque head for biaxial loading of specimens. Torque can be applied in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. Dual column LFS systems have a stiffer frame and are rated for relatively higher force applications suitable for testing implants and prosthetics. The all-electric and ergonomically designed systems were designed for testing 3D printed constructs, implants - metals and polymers and quality control applications in medical device manufacturing industries. BISS bioreactors are designed and developed for use with mechanical stimulators from the LFS product portfolio to meet customer needs for mechanically stimulated tissue engineered products. Systems are modular and scalable providing the capability for repeatable and high throughput applications. With the dedicated Growthworks application, BISS products meet the requirements of the Biomedical industry. As a research and educational tool BISS products can be used for 3D cell and tissue culture to reveal fundamental mechanisms of cell function and direct stem, cell differentiation, tissue characterization, biodegradable medical devices, disease modelling and pharmaceutical testing.

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162 06 Praha 6
tel:+420 296 809 111
fax:+420 296 809 410


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