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Topics of PhD Studies

Topics for 2017/2018

Effect of modified graphene oxide on performance of multiphase polymer systemsIvan Kelnar
Nanokompozity s orientovanou fází plnivaAdam Strachota
Biodegradable polymer systems for medical applicationsMiroslav Šlouf
Polymeric coatings: understanding of physicochemical processes during formation of functional polymer layersMiroslava Dušková Smrčková
Hydrogels for cell cultivation - design, swelling and deformation behavior of 3D structures. Miroslava Dušková Smrčková
Incorporation and controlled release of pharmacologically active compounds from hydrogel and nanofibrous polymer carriersJakub Širc
Polymer drug carriers for immunooncotherapyPetr Chytil
Stimuli-responsive nanogels as multistage drug delivery systems for efficient tumor treatmentTomáš Etrych
Biodegradable polymeric prodrugs for targeted inhibition of the metastatic process Tomáš Etrych
New Generation of Targeted Polymer CancerostaticsMichal Pechar
Polymer carriers for drugs with new types of linkersMartin Studenovský
Injectable biomimetic hydrogels for regenerative medicineVladimír Proks
Magnetic nanoparticles with antibacterial properties: Synthesis, characterization and biological applicationsDaniel Horák
Microwave-assisted preparation of polymer materialsHynek Beneš
Dynamic surface tension in polymer melts.Josef Jůza
Conductive polymer composites with heterogeneous phase structureZdeněk Starý
Self-assembly studies of triblock copolymers based on poly(2-alkyl-2-oxazolines)Sergey Filippov
Investigation of mobility in supramolecular polymeric systems for biomedical application by means of modern spectroscopic methods.Sergey Filippov
Biodegradable polymer nanoparticles with bioactive component as a part of the polymer chainMartin Hrubý
Binary hybrid nanoparticles with polymer coating for noninvasive imagingJan Kučka
Study of surface parameters and responsive behavior of different non-fouling polymer brush systemsOgnen Pop-Georgievski
Affinity optical biosensors for medical diagnosticsTomáš Riedel
Study of the initial self-assembly processes during the formation of biomimetic anchor layersJan Svoboda
Nanostructured conducting polymer composites Patrycja Magdalena Bober
High-rate supercapacitors based on conducting polymer Elena Tomšík
Research of polymers and polymer blends for photonicsVěra Cimrová
Singlet fission in organic semiconductors for solar cells.Jiří Pfleger
Quantum chemical modeling of metal/polymer nanocompositesPetr Toman
Branched and grafted polymers and copolymers studied by a combination of statistic and physical - chemical methodsMiloš Netopilík
Synthesis and functionalization of polymers for use in electrochemistry and preparation of ion selective membranes.Miroslav Otmar
Exosomes and mikrovesikuly as intercellular communication unit after interaction of cells with the polymer drugs and drug carriers simultaneouslyOlga Janoušková
Study of the stem cell interaction with biocompatible polymer systems designed for tissue engineeringOlga Janoušková
Microparticulate contrast agents transforming excitation signal for biomedical applicationMichal Babič
Self-assembled multilayer film coatings of biomaterials for protein release.Dana Kubies
Anti-tumour vaccines developmentRichard Laga

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