Dr.Richard Laga
TopicAnti-tumour vaccines development
AnnotationIn the last few years, there have been prevailing efforts of scientists to use a cooperation of chemical and immunological methods in the treatment of malignant tumours. The major goal of this combined chemico-immunological approach consist in recognition and disruption of tumour cells by own immune system of a patient activated by a suitable immunotherapeutics - so called tumour specific antigen, followed by stopping growth or killing of tumour cells by a cytostatic agent. Despite of reached successes, the treatment of malignant diseases by both chemical and immunological method offers some restriction such as lower efficiency in the treatment of tumours composed of heterogeneous cell populations in the case of immunological approach and cytotoxic effect of a cancerostatic agent on healthy tissues in the case of chemical approach. Attachment to the biocompatible polymer carriers offers an elegant solution of the problems both for the peptide antigens and for the low-molecular-weight cancerostatics. Multivalent character of the polymer carriers enables conjugation of several different antigens to one polymer chain thereby eliciting production of broader population of antibodies against the tumour cells as well as it ensures prolonged blood circulation, enhanced accumulation and controlled release of the cancerostatic drug inside the tumour cells. The project will aim at the preparation and physicochemical characterization of the synthetic polymer-antigen (with or without the synthetic immunostimulatory agents, so called adjuvants) and synthetic polymer-cancerostatics conjugates. The accent will be put on the evaluation of the impact of polymer chain composition and architecture, way of antigen, adjuvant and cancerostatics attachment and way of conjugate administration on their biological behavior in vitro and in vivo.

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