Jiří Spěváček, DSc
TopicInteractions in solutions and gels of stimuli-responsive polymer systems investigated by NMR spectroscopy
AnnotationThe aim of this study is to characterize polymer-solvent and polymer-polymer interactions in aqueous solutions and gels of stimuli-responsive polymers which show a coil-globule phase transition. This transition can be induced by temperature, solvent composition etc. Multicomponent polymer systems with various architecture will be studied, e.g,, mixtures of thermoresponsive polymers, block or graft copolymers containing thermoresponsive blocks or grafts, or responsive two-component interpenetrating networks. Information how the architecture of the polymer system affects the phase-separated globular-like structures should be obtained. This includes information on the fraction of monomer units in globular structures, hydrogen bonding and arrangement of water molecules, and changes in dynamics of polymer segments and water due to the phase transition. NMR spectroscopy will be the main method in these investigations; it can be combined with other methods (e.g. with vibrational spectroscopy) when this will be desirable.

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