Mgr.Martin Hrubý, DSc.
TopicBiodegradable polymer nanoparticles with bioactive component as a part of the polymer chain
AnnotationPolymer nanoparticles responsive to external stimuli are very suitable as carriers in nanomedicine applications for diagnosis and therapy of numerous diseases. Aim of the PhD project is the development of conceptually new „drug delivery“ platform based on biodegradable polymer nanoparticles reacting to specific properties of the external millieu (presence of esterases and reactive oxygen species) targeted to inflammed and malignant tissues. The nanoparticles prepared will be designed to degrade and release the biologically active cargo (which will be part of the polyetser chain before degradation) under biologically relevant conditions. The work will consist of syntesis and physico-chemical characterization of monomers, polymers and nanoparticles, study of in vitro release of bioactive cargo under model contitions and in colaboration with biologists evaluation of biological behavior of such nanoparticles.

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