Zdeněk Starý, Ph.D.
TopicMultifunctional materials based on electrically conductive polymer composites
AnnotationElectrically conductive polymer composites (CPC) are perspective multifunctional materials with a broad application potential in packaging, electronics or sensor technology. In this project a special attention will be paid to immiscible polymer blends with selective localization of the conductive filler. Depending on final phase structure (blends morphology, filler localization) one can tailor electrical conductivity of the composite. The goal of the project is to describe and explain phase structure development during melt mixing and its influence on composites properties. Electron microscopy will be used to characterize composite structure. Flow and electrical properties of the blends will be studied by simultaneous electrical-rheological experiments.
UniversitiesVysoká škola chemicko technologická v Praze, Přírodovědecká fakulta UK, Technická univerzita Liberec, Přírodovědecká fakulta Univerzity Palackého Olomouc, České vysoké učení technické, Universita Tomáše Bati Zlín

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