Zdeněk Starý, Ph.D.
TopicConductive polymer composites with heterogeneous phase structure
AnnotationImmiscible polymer blends containing electrically conductive fillers are promising multifunctional materials. Due to heterogeneous phase structure and selective localization of the filler in the blend it is possible to prepare conductive composites with a very low percolation threshold and balanced property profiles. On one hand the structure of the blend affects the electrical properties considerably. On the other hand, the presence of the filler particles influences the morphology development of the blend during the processing. Although basic effects are described in the literature, their understanding is still very insufficient. The goal of the project is to get a deeper insight into relationships between migration of the filler particles in the polymer blends, morphology development during the processing and final blends properties. The experimental part of the work consists of blends preparation and their morphological characterization by means of electron microscopy. Flow and electrical properties of the blends will be studied by simultaneous electrical-rheological experiments. The data obtained will be used for a development of simple kinetic models describing migration of filler particles in the molten polymer blends.

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