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Dr. Helena Berg

(Libergreen, Gothenburg, Sweden)


How sustainable are the batteries of tomorrow for cars and buses?

The sales of electric vehicles are increasing worldwide: longer driving distances, faster charging, and lower prices are features attracting the buyers. Research is on-going to find new and improved battery concepts for even longer driving distances and lower prices. In order to find new materials and concepts, the vehicle requirements need to be understood and broken down to material requirements. Moreover, for sustainable solutions, the new materials are set in the light of resource criticality and environmental perspectives. The seminar will focus on material requirements and how research on material levels can improve the performance of electric cars and buses. The new battery concepts studied are next generation Li-ion, Na-ion, Li-S, Mg, and solid-state Li-batteries. Dr. Helena Berg has more the 20 years of experience in the battery field from both academia and industry, and hold a doctoral degree from Uppsala University. For about 10 years she was one of the key persons for the development of electrified buses and trucks within the Volvo Group. As the Global Corporate Battery Specialist, she was in charge of the technology plan and had the responsibility to follow the battery research development. Several research projects as collaborations between Volvo, academia and other industrial partners were initiated. Since 2012, she is running her own company, Libergreen, to support companies to create strategic plans to meet future battery challenges.

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Čtvrtek 22.3.2018 ve 14:30 hod v klubu B

 Přednáška v kursu UNESCO-IUPAC


Přednáška pro účastníky postgraduálních kursů UNESCO v polymerních vědách


Dr. Jiří Brus

(ÚMCH AV ČR, v.v.i.)


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Polymers


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Středa 21.3.2018 ve 10:00 hod v klubu B

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