After leaving the Institute building, turn right to the U Hvězdy street and pass to its end. Then turn right to the Libocká street and, after 50 m, left to gates of the Hvězda park.

Way from Institute to Hvezda park

Way to Summer palace in Hvězda parkIf you continue to right through the widest way (as shown in the picture right), you reach after several hundred meters the summer palace in the centre of the park. It is open daily except Mondays, from 10 to 18.


Hvězda Summer palace



From the Institute, take bus 191 in direction of the airport (stops just in front of the Institute) to Divoká ©árka (3 stops). Walk back to the McDonald restaurant and turn left downhill to the bottom of valley. (you can use this map)

The way from bus reaches the valley bottom here

You will see the Dľbán dam on the right side.Right you can see the Dľbán dam

The most interesting is the way down along ©árecký potok over the bridge in the picture.You can turn left (down) into the gorge The ©árecký potok (©árka brook)

You will see nice rocks of interesting shapes.

A rocks of ©árka

After less than 1 km you pass the most interesting zone and come to a swimming pool, where you can choose between several variants: