Kajetánka student dormitory

If you arrive from Vypich, you get off at the stop in the foreground. If you arrive from the city centre, you get off on the opposite side, where you can see a bus in the picture.

Kajetánka with bus stops

Then go back to the crossing. If you arrive from Vypich, cross the main street. If you arrive from the city centre, you stand nearly in front of hall of residence.

Kajetánka Hall of residence

From the Institute to Kajetánka dormitory

From the Institute, take bus 179, 184 or 191 in direction of the city. Get off at Vypich (3 stops). From bus 191, you will continue from the same stop. From buses 179 or 184, you have to pass to the stops near the tram stop, as the picture shows.

described photo of Vypich junction

From Vypich, take any of buses 108, 174, 180 to Kajetánka (2 stops).

From Kajetánka hall of residence to the Institute

Take any of buses 108,174,180 going uphill (on the right) to Vypich (2 stops) [see the picture above].

Here you can continue from the same stop by bus 191 (operating every 20 min between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.) to Petřiny (terminal stop), or pass to the stop in the Ankarská street behind the tram terminus and take bus 179, 184 or 191 to Petřiny (4 stops), following general description of the way to the Institute.

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