From the Institute to Komenský hall of residence

You can proceed as to Kajetánka, but from get off buses 108,174, or 180 at Hládkov (the 3rd stop from Vypich) (The stop is to be renamed to Na Malovance in June 2001).

You can also take any of trams 1,2,18 from Petřiny to the Vozovna Střešovice stop (7 stops), and then take tram 8, 22 or 23 or bus 108, 174, 180, 217 in opposite direction to Hládkov (1 stop), following general description.

Or you can take any of trams 1, 2, 18 from Petřiny to the Sibeliova stop (6 stops). Continue downhill about 50 m and turn right into the U laboratoře street (at the coloured containers in the picture).

At the end of the U laboratoře street, pass the steps down.

Turn right and follow the tram rails turning left to Hládkov stop.

Then proceed as if you got off tram 8.

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