Benedictine archabbey of St. Adalbert and St. Margaret in Břevnov

Brevnov Archabbey

From the Institute,

two ways are suggested:

1. (red marked in the map above),  take any tram (2 stops) or any bus (1 stop) or walk eastward along the tram rails.
Walking or using bus, turn right at the post office; as well as you pass the "dm market" building, go along the building of the former windmill

Then continue along Na Větrníku street eastward to the next crossing (with Myslivečkova street, 200 m) and turn right into the abbey garden.

Turning from Vetrnik to abbey's garden

Go straight on down to the abbey buildings.

Way through abbey's garden

Behind the church, turn left and continue to the prelature building as shown in the picture.Entrance to the prelature

2. Alternative route - cyan marked in the map: Follow the high-voltage line through Zeyerova alej street to its end, after crossing the Ankarská street continue through Zvoníčkova street, which turns after 100 m to left. From the cemetery corner, walk through U Vojtěšky street along the cemetery wall as far as the entrance into archabbey.

From the city centre,

take tram No 22 or 25  (in the direction of BÍLÁ HORA or VYPICH) to the "Břevnovský klášter" stop. The abbey can be seen from the stop.

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