Hvězda student dormitory

Praha 6, Zvoníčkova 5; 500 m from the Institute

Ideal position to conference venue and comparatively low price, but also some of participants having used this dormitory were not satisfied. Recommended for participants who need maximally save and have minimal requirements.

Access with own cars: Good access, parking on the street.

Nearest stops of public transport: Nad Markétou (bus 168, 191, 510: 150 m), Petřiny (metro A, tram 1, 18, 56, buses 108, 164, 168, 191, 510: 500 m), Vypich/Obora Hvězda (tram 22, 25, 57, bus 164, 168, 179, 180, 184, 191, 301, 347, 352, 380, 510: 500 m)

Connection by public transport:

Guide with pictures is available.


Blocks 1/2, side view
Blocks 2/3, side view
Access from bus stops
Front view
Block 3 entrance
Section of rooms grouped into units (side view)
Section of rooms grouped into units (diagonal view)

Unit with two double rooms

Hall for two-room unit

Room 1 (from door)
Room 2 (from window)

Rooms without own toilet

Corridor with doors into rooms
Room (from door)
Room (from window)


Where it is

Map of Petriny with dormitory