Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could you tell me little information on the schedule of the course at the beginning? Is it possible to start later than on 1st October?

The course officially starts on 1st October. Several days are devoted to organization, accommodation, schedule of your research work, etc. so it doesn't matter if you come one or two days later.


Q: Does the course finish exactly on 31st July? I would get cheaper fly tickets for 30th July.

No problem, if you leave one or two days earlier.


Q: I understand, that koruna and euro are equally used in the Czech Republic, correct?

Euro is not the official currency, but can be used in some shops. Sometimes you can use it in supermarket and other chains of shops, or in the tourist area.


Q: How is it with public transport? Is it possible to buy some long term ticket?

Currently two types of long-term travel permit exist - a paper permit or an electronic one (Litacka). It is easier and cheaper to arrange the paper permit, which can be done shortly after your arrival to Prague. A five-month ticket costs 2 450 CZK, a 12 month ticket 3 650 CZK. For more information look at and


Q: A health insurance is required for my stay in the Czech Republic. How can I arrange it?

We arrange the insurance for you for the duration of the Course (1 October - 31 July). However, you should buy a travel insurance for the days of your travel to and from the Czech Republic.
In addition, a medical report will be required upon your arrival to the Institute.


Q: Could you send me some details concerning accommodation in Mazanka Hotel and equipment available?
A: You will be accommodated in a single or twin room sharing the room with another UNESCO/IUPAC participant. In Mazanka, a kitchen for several people is available where you can cook your meals. The kitchen is equipped with fridge, stove, microwave and kettle. However, you will need your own dishes. At the hotel reception you can rent a package of basic set of cookware for the entire stay (fee of 600 CZK for the whole duration of your stay). Mazanka also provides bed-clothes, towels and washing machine. Internet is free of charge.