Basic Information

  • The Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Czech Academy of Sciences, provides training of young scientists, mainly from economically disadvantaged countries, in the form of a 10-month programme under the auspices and support of the Czech Academy of Sciences, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) named "UNESCO/IUPAC  Postgraduate Course in Polymer Science". The programme consists primarily of a research-project work under supervision by senior researchers and also of lectures and workshops.
  • The program is open to young researchers (preferably up to the age of 35) who obtained an MSc or a PhD degree in the corresponding field of science and the MSc degree studies were completed 10 years or less prior to the Course.
  • The Course begins on 1st October every year and lasts ten months (till 31st of July).
  • The Course has been organized at our Institute since the academic year 1996–1997. Over the years, more than 180 young researchers from different countries participated in UNESCO/IUPAC Course and contributed to a number of scientific projects. View the list of publications authored or co-authored by Course participants together with researchers from IMC.
  • The participant of the UNESCO/IUPAC Course joins a current research project led by an experienced supervisor from the Institute. The participant is obliged to attend a series of lectures and workshops on various topics of polymer science given by Institute specialists.
  • Graduates can follow in their studies in the Czech Republic as PhD students at Charles University, Institute of Chemical Technology or other in collaboration with laboratories of the Institute.
  • The official language of the Course is English; hence, good command of English is a necessary condition for admittance.
  • The participants use facilities at the IMC building in Prague 6 or at the IMC laboratories in the BIOCEV building in Vestec (outskirts of Prague).