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Exhibitions at IMC AS CR

The gallery of the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry in Prague has introduced many Czech and foreign authors to the public during more than thirty years of its existence. It still ranks among significant Prague galleries.


First exhibitions were organised here in 1972. Their independent existence on the Academy ground attracted the authors, and the significance of the exhibitions rapidly grew. It turned out that certain independence of the Academy of Sciences made it possible to display also the authors who could not be shown elsewhere due to their nonconformism or political inconvenience. Adriena Šimotová, Karel Nepraš, Karel Malich, Vladimír Boštík, Kurt Gebauer, Milan Knížák and many others, whose works are nowadays shown in prominent galleries of the world, were exhibited here in the so called normalisation period (1970's). The impact of the exhibitions in IMC at that time went beyond the borders of th then Czechoslovakia.

The barriers to freedom disappeared after 1989. New themes of exhibition activity have been found in collaboration with the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (VŠUP) in Prague. Kurt Gebauer, the head of the Studio of Sculptory I, became a leading spirit. In 1995, a series of exhibitions of students and graduates of Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design and Academy of Fine Arts started. Collaboration with young talents mingling today with artists has developed. Dagmar Šubrtová, a VŠUP graduate, has taken the responsibility for exhibitions since 2000. She prepares exhibition programmes with the aim to give an insight into free art of contemporary young artists. The revival of exhibition activity has recently attracted many interesting authors into significant exhibitions and projects, which are presented here every month.


  • Dagmar Šubrtová, e-mail:, tel: +420 723436528
  • Zbyněk Pientka, e-mail: pientk, tel: +420 296809247



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