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Polymer nanomaterials are known to show excellent properties by comparison with  homogeneous polymer systems or classical polymer composites. The department deals with  the study of nanostructured polymers and polymer nanocomposites. The research projects are focused mainly on organic-inorganic polymer systems. Polymer networks or thermoplastic polymers are used as organic matrices and an inorganic phase of the composites involves various types of nanofillers. Layered silicates, in situ formed nanostructures (mainly silica), nanotubes or well-defined nanobuilding blocks, like polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes (POSS) or organotin-oxo clusters are the nanofillers applied in our nanocomposites. Moreover,  responsive polymer hydrogels, semi-crystalline polymers, polymer foams and coatings, liquid-crystalline polymers, as well as biodegradable composites are investigated. 

The departmental research includes:
  • synthesis of nanostructured systems and determination of molecular and phase structure evolution during polymerization,
  • structure characterization taking into account a hierarchical structure arrangement of  nanostructured systems from molecular up to supramolecular scale level (in cooperation with other departments),
  • determination of properties mainly mechanical (in addition also optical, electrical, permeability and surface properties - in cooperation),
  • application of  theories of network formation and fracture mechanics in order to optimize processing conditions and predict structure and properties.

The aim of the research consists in:
  • determination of general relationships;  formation – structure – properties of the nanostructured polymers, in order to gain a general understanding of the processes of  nanocomposite formation and of the effects governing the material properties,
  • development of new advanced nanomaterials with tailor-made properties.

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