MSc. Dana Kubies, PhD
TopicSystems for delivery of pro-angiogenic growth factors to support vascularization of polymer scaffolds in bioapplications.
AnnotationIn tissue engineering applications, angiogenesis of polymer scaffolds used in tissue regeneration applications is considered as a crucial step for scaffold’s successful and functional integration with a host body. Approaches based on freely administrated growth factors (GF) supporting vascularization (such as VEGF or FGF-2), however, have not led to positive results until now. Therefore methods for introduction of pro-angiogenic factors in a control manner using a scaffold-based delivery approach are intensively investigated. One of the strategies consists in incorporation of GFs into microparticles. The project aims to prepare polyelectrolyte microparticles loaded with GFs, to study their physico-chemical properties, loading efficiency and GF release. Further, the topic is also focused on development of the method for introduction of GF-loaded microparticles into 3D macroporous polymer scaffolds. The effect of the selected approach on vascularization of 3D scaffolds will be evaluated in in vivo experiments in co-operation with biologists and surgeons. The topic is appropriate for graduate students in Chemistry, particularly macromolecular chemistry, physical chemistry or eventually biochemistry.
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