Jiří Pfleger, PhD
TopicFemtosecond transient optical spectroscopy of polymers for solar cells.
Annotation"Polymer solar cells represent a new generation of photovoltaic cells, which can be fabricated using low-cost printing technology on flexible substrates. Excited state lifetime, exciton diffusion length and efficient charge transfer between the photoexcited polymer and an acceptor are the main parameters that determine the solar cell energy conversion efficiency. The work is aimed to the preparation of thin films of nanostructured polymer materials and nanocomposites and to study processes that influence the photogeneration of free charge carriers by means of the photoinduced transient optical absorption spectra in the femtosecond time domain. Suitable for students with completed master studies in physical chemistry, polymer and chemical physics or biophysics. We assume involving the student in the international cooperation within EU project. ."

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