Jan Dohnálek
Consultant Tereza Skálová
TopicBacterial RNA polymerase - structural studies of the multiprotein complex.
AnnotationRNA polymerase transcribes the genetic code of DNA into RNA. It is a multi-protein complex, the funciton of which depends on some not entirely understood subunits or related proteins. Detailed knowledge of the structure and function of RNAp from a gram-positive bacterium will enable development of specifically targeted drugs based on inhibition of function. We study behaviour and structure of the whole RNAp complex and of its subunits with a focus on some recently discovered related proteins. The results should provide crucial new information about this key element of cell life funcitons. The project includes protein and complex stabilization, purification, characterisation, and crystallization, diffraction screening, data collection at synchrotron radiation sources, structure solution and interpretation.

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Centre of Biomedicinal Polymers - CBMP

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