Jan Pilař, DSc
TopicSeeking polymer gels exhibiting requested transport and physical properties
AnnotationThe research should improve knowledge on the dependence of diffusion coefficients of polymer tracers, e.g. models of drugs, in polymer gels applicable in various technical and medical applications on the structure of both the gel matrix and the tracers. Finding information helpful at targeted synthesis of gel matrices for various applications is expected. The theme comprises preparation and characterization of polymer gels and measurement of diffusion coefficients of polymer tracers in the matrices using electron spin resonance imaging technique. The technique requires labeling of the polymer tracers by chemically attached paramagnetic labels. Characterization of the gel matrices comprises gravimetrical determination of swelling degree in long-term swelling experiments, determination of degree of crosslinking by force-deflection measurement of elastic moduli of the gels, determination of hydrodynamic correlation length by dynamic light scattering, and determination of self-diffusion coefficient of water in gel measured by pulsed-gradient stimulated NMR spin-echo. Evaluation of experimental data comprises modern deconvolution and simulation techniques and interpretation and genera

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