Martin Hrubý, Ph.D.
TopicSelf-assembled nanosystems as diagnostic and theranostic contrast agents for noninvasive imaging in medicine
AnnotationNoninvasive biophysical imaging methods (i.e., methods enabling to vizualize interior of the patient without necessity of surgical intervention) are the key part of modern medicine enabling determination of correct diagnosis, but also back evaluation of the efficacy of therapy and its personalization (theranostics). The most frequently employed noninvasive imaging methods are radiodiagnostic techniques (X-ray, computed tomography – CT, single photon emission computed tomography – SPECT, positron emission tomography – PET), magnetic resonance imaging – MRI, ultrasound, but also newly also fluorescence techniques in near infrared region. In some cases i tis not possible to achieve suitable contrast directly, but it is necessary to administrate substance very well viewable by the particular imaging method which possess nonhomogeneous biodistribution and will contrast the image. Topic of the dissertation thesis will be development and detailed physico-chemical characterization of self assembled nanosystems as biodegradable nontoxic contrast agents for noninvasive diagnostics and theranostics with focus on MRI, ultrasound imaging, radiodiagnostic methods and in model cases also fluorescence. Multimodal diagnostics will be prepared enabling to use the same substance for different methods making such contrast more universal. The nanosystems will be then sent to collaborating biological workplaces for testing and the student will actively participate on evaluation of biological data.

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