MSc. Vladimír Proks, Ph.D.
Consultant MSc. Petr Šálek, Ph.D.
TopicBiodegradable Nanogels from Biocompatible Polymer Precursors
AnnotationNanogels represent a new class of particles which combine unique properties of hydrogels and nanoparticles. Their synthesis can be based on variety of materials, such as natural polymer precursors (chitosan, dextran, proteins), synthetic monomers and polymers. In general, the nanogels are formed from hydrophilic or amphiphilic macromolecular chains which are physically or chemically crosslinked resulting in three-dimensional porous structure within the nanoparticle. These nanostructures can be modified with functional groups to incorporate any bioactive compounds, such as peptides, nucleic acids, enzymes, etc. For these reasons they are called as next generation of carriers and delivery systems of bioactive compound or drugs and gain a great attention in diagnostics, bio-nanotechnology and nanomedicine. Aim of this work is to prepare biocompatible and biodegradable hydrophilic nanogels from synthetic poly(amino acid)s, or polypetides. For this purpose inversion emulsion techniques in combination with enzyme-mediated crosslinking will be employed. Last but not least, the work will include investigation of effect of reaction parameters on size, particle size distribution, morphology and structure of the nanoparticles and characterization of their physicochemical properties and biological testing. It is expected that applicant will have knowledge and skills in macromolecular chemistry.
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