Eduard Brynda, PhD
Consultant PhDTomáš Riedel, PhD
TopicArtificial fibrin networks for growing natural endothelium on inner surface of blood vessel grafts
AnnotationWhen blood contacts a surface other than undamaged blood vessel endothelium, the formation fibrin gel and thrombi is activated. This process makes often complications after synthetic vessel grafts are implanted. Currently, it precludes application of grafts with diameters smaller than 5 mm. A goal of the work is to prepare artificial fibrin networks on inner surface of synthetic grafts utilizing processes and biological macromolecules that take part in regeneration of injured vessels in organism. Suitable fibrin gel modified with specific growth factors and ECM proteins will provide a substrate for in vitro growing a layer of endothelial cells that will serve as the natural vessel endothelium after the graft implantation. The formation of surface fibrin network will be studied using IR reflection spectroscopy and surface plasmon resonance (SPR). The network morphology will be studied by atomic force microscopy (AFM), electron microscopy, and confocal microscopy. Growth of the cells on the developed structures and tests on modified grafts will be performed by collaborating biological and medical research teams. Continuation of the research is included in the program of Biotechnology and Biomedicine Centre of Academy of Sciences CR and Charles University, Prague that will start ith financial support from EU from the year 2013.

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