Miroslava Dušková Smrčková, PhD.
TopicHydrogels for cell cultivation - design, swelling and deformation behavior of 3D structures.
AnnotationSynthetic hydrogels, due to their properties resembling living tissues, provide accurate environment for hosting cell cultures and thus attract interest of researchers working in both, the materials science and biology fields. Ophthalmology represents another vital medical application of hydrogels, for instance, the synthetic hydrogels are used for complete replacement of biological eye lens during nowadays common eye cataract surgery. The important parameters of hydrogels in such applications, besides chemical compatibility, are content of aqueous liquids in swelling equilibrium and swollen material strength and deformability. Other parameters are porosity and optical appearance. These parameters can be controlled by selecting starting components and by topology of their polymer network structure. The work aims at investigation of rules governing the swelling behavior and deformation responses of synthetic hydrogels in the connection with their polymer network structure. The work includes laboratory synthesis of hydrogels of selected monomers and characterization of their swelling and mechanical responses, for instance using rheology. The method of hydrogels preparation will also include controlled crosslinking radical polymerization. The hydrogel behavior will be described using concept of the theory of rubber elasticity.
UniversitiesVysoká škola chemicko technologická v Praze, Přírodovědecká fakulta UK, Matematicko-fyzikální fakulta UK, Technická univerzita Liberec, Přírodovědecká fakulta Univerzity Palackého Olomouc, České vysoké učení technické, Universita Tomáše Bati Zlín

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