Ivan Fortelný, DSc
Consultant Zdeněk Kruliš, PhD
TopicUsing of the phase structure control in polymer blends at development of new materials for application in medicine
AnnotationPolymer blends are very important materials with broad scale of possible applications. Their end-used, especially mechanical, properties are dependent on their phase structure. It can be controlled by the blend composition, addition of compatibilizers and conditions of the blend preparation. It was shown that polymer blends are very promising materials for artificial part of joints and skeleton, which require high stiffness and impact resistance simultaneously. The aim of thesis is, using available knowledge about control of the blend structure and properties, optimized structure and properties of chosen polymer blends with respect to the requirements on considered artificial parts of skeleton.

Otto Wichterle Centre of Polymer Materials and Technologies - CPMTOW

Centre of Biomedicinal Polymers - CBMP

Centre of Polymer Sensors - CPS

Polymers for Power Engineering - Energolab


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