Arrival to IMC (Petřiny)

[Map - arrival to IMC]

Way description

From the city (route from the city or from Velvary)
Following tram rails, you have to continue through the Na Petřinách street to the tram terminal. The Institute is located behind it.
From Vypich cross (arrival from most directions)
You have to continue through Ankarská street (arrow to Petřiny), from which you can after 100m turn left to the Na Vypichu street, and after 1 km to right through the U hvězdy street to the Institute. You can also continue through Ankarská street 1 km to its end at crossing with Na Petřinách street, where you turn left and follow tram rails to the tram terminal at the Institute.
From Ruzyně (arrival using road I/7)
Continue through Libocká street to its begin (crossing with Na Vypichu street) near to the Institute, to which you have to turn left.

Maps of arrival for range:

  • Surroundings of the Institute - 200 m
  • Petřiny - 1 km
  • Praha 6 - 5 km
  • Praha (left bank) - 15 km
  • Wider Prague surroundings - 30 km
  • Bohemia - 100 km