Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

Filing office

Delivery address: Heyrovského nám. 1888/2
162 06  Praha 6 - Břevnov
(address place code: 22170332)
Filing office hours: guaranteed 9-14 on working days
Goods acceptance: gate Štolbova 3
working days 7–14
Secretariat elektronic address
Electronic registry e-podatelna
Data box
Telefax 296809410
Accepted file formats plain text, PDF, RTF, Microsoft Word doc; pictures bmp, gif, png, jpg, TIFF. Other after agreement.
Accepted data carriers CD, DVD (UDF 2.50 and lower, ISO 9660/Joliet), USB media FAT, NTFS
Handling with data messages with detected harmful code Disposed without handling.
Consequences of incomplete or damaged document delivery, if the document is not a filing or a motion and cannot be handled according to other legal regulation If a sender (his contact or electronic address) can be identified, the Institute will notify him about detected document fault and establishes a next procedure. If the Institute fails to repair the document fault in collaboration with its sender, document is not processed.