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Questions of the type "where is the nearest..." or "where can I..." are very frequent. Therefore we give information about some items:

Verbal explanation is accompanied by a commented photo of Petřiny taken from the Institute building and a map of its nearest (1 km) area showing the described facilities.

Where can I find the nearest cash machine?

The nearest automated teller machine (ATM) is about 400 m eastwards from the Institute, at the entrance to the supermarket and Metro station. Another ATM is at the "Česká Spořitelna" bank in Křenova Street (opposite the first machine). Both accept Cirrus/Maestro/MasterCard and VISA cards (see the pictures and map).

Where can I find the nearest exchange point?

The nearest exchange point is Česká spořitelna in Křenova Street, about 400 m eastwards from the Institute, however, you can change only EUR and USD there. The other exchange points are either at the airport, or in Metro stations Dejvická and Hradčanská and their neighbourhood.

Post Office

Where can I buy a phonecard?

Generally, phonecards are sold at post offices, newspaper stalls and shops denoted with the "O2" logo . Near to the Institute, they are sold at the post office (the next bus stop in the direction of "Větrník")

Where can I buy a bus ticket?

Tickets for public transport are sold at special counters in some Metro stations, in some shops denoted with the "Předprodej jízdenek" logo, in slot machines, etc. For details, see the page of Prague Public Transit Co. Inc, .

Other possibilities:

Basic types of tickets are available in the Registration Office.

I want to send a postcard. Where is the nearest mail box?

An orange mail box is located 50 m back from the tram terminus on the left-hand side of the main street. Collected on working days at 16:00 (see a picture). Several more pillar boxes are shown in the map. The box in front of the post office is collected daily.


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Photo of Petriny with important objects

View of Petřiny from the Institute


Map of Petriny with important objects

Legend to map of Petriny

Map of Petřiny with some important objects


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