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  • 31.5. 11: Google Wallet: Android NFC Payment System Announced (Search Engine Watch)
  • Google Correlate: A New Way To Research Keyword Popularity & Trends (Search Engine Land)
  • US Senate Internet Copyright Legislation Deja Vu - "The PROTECT IP Act makes a few major changes to last year's COICA legislation. First, it does provide a more limited definition of sites “dedicated to infringing activities.” The previous definition was criticized as being unworkably vague, and it could have put many legitimate sites at risk....The PROTECT IP Act adds one more entity to this list: search engines. Last week, when the Department of Homeland Security leaned on Mozilla to remove a Firefox add-on making it simple to bypass domain name seizures, we wondered at the request. After all, the add-on only made it easier to do a simple Google search, and we wondered "what the next logical step in this progression will be: requiring search engines to stop returning results for seized domain names?..." (Search Engine Watch)
  • Baidu Sued by New York Activists - "...This group of pro-democracy activists are aiming to sue Chinese search engine Baidu for $16 million U.S. dollars, claiming that their writings – which are blocked to their content – should be protected, even in China, thanks to U.S. laws on freedom of speech. .." (Search Engine Journal)
  • Spam a cenzura na Google Mapách  (Kryl Blog)
  • Google Drops Numerous APIs, Including Translate

    “Deprecating the Translate API was the hardest choice for us to make,” said Google representative Adam Feldman. But in the end it was a simple matter of how the popular API was being used. “The Translate API was subject to extensive abuse – the vast majority of usage was in clear violation of our terms.” He did not specify exactly what terms of service violations were taking place.

    Developers who were using the API will continue to have access to the Translate data until December 1st of this year. Prior to that date developers will be limited on the number of inquiries made per day. The ten additional APIs being shut down are the Blog Search, Books Data, Books JavaScript, Image Search, News Search, Patent Search, Safe Browsing, Transliterate, Video Search, and Virtual Keyboard. Additionally, the Code Search, Diacritize, Feedburner, Finance, Power Meter, Sidewiki, and Wave APIs have ceased active development but there is no plan to shut down the APIs themselves. (Search Engine Journal)

  • Google Shuts Down Ambitious Newspaper Scanning Project - According to the Boston Phoenix, one of the newspapers that was giving Google its archives for scanning and indexing online, Google emailed its partners on Thursday to announce that the program was coming to an end so Google could concentrate instead on “newer projects that help the industry, such as Google One Pass, a platform that enables publishers to sell content and subscriptions directly from their own sites.” (Search Engine Land)
  • Google contradicts own counsel in face of antitrust probe - Google has admitted that it uses whitelists to manually override its search algorithms, more than a year after its European corporate counsel denied the existence of whitelists when defending the company against antitrust complaints in the EU. (The Register)
  • All About Google – Top Tips - commands and recommendations for Google searching ( Karen Blakeman's block)
  • Světová statistika v reálném čase 

  • 3.9. 2010: Noc vědců - pozvánka Astronomického ústavu:V rámci každoroční akce Noc vědců, která začíná pátečním večerem 24.9. 2010, Vás Astronomický ústav AV ČR srdečně zve na prohlídku areálu observatoře, pozorování oblohy dalekohledy a prohlídku specializovaných pracovišť při jejich činnosti. Zdarma!
  • 195 Free Online Programming Books. Despite it’s title, this post offers links to over 345 programming books available on the Internet.
  • Programmingebooks.tk. This blog offers links to programming books. It is organized by categories or you can use the search tool to look for something specific.
  • Metodika tvorby bibliografických citací - je nová výuková elektronická publikace, kterou v rámci informačního vzdělávání na Masarykově univerzitě připravily Knihovna univerzitního kampusu MU a Ústřední knihovna PřF MU.
    Publikace je veřejně přístupná na adrese
  • Latest additions to the bibliography The Open Citation Project - Reference Linking and Citation Analysis for Open Archives -  http://opcit.eprints.org/oacitation-biblio.html#most-recent

  • 22.7. 10:New Interoperability between ScienceDirect and Reaxys Improves Discoverability and Visualization of Chemical Structures
    Starting with two Elsevier chemistry journals, authors are invited to submit structure (MOL) files of their key compounds alongside their articles. Elsevier will use these structure files to add compound identifiers - International Chemical Identifier (InChI) keys* - to the article, increasing the discoverability of both the article and its key compounds on ScienceDirect and through search engines. In addition, the structure files are used to visually display all key compounds of the article in a single scrollable list, with additional functionality such as links to External link  Reaxys, Elsevier’s web-based chemistry database, and Google - press release.

  • 23.6. 10: Google TV -  co nabídne? (Kryl Blog)
    • vyhledávání programů, internetu a pořízených nahrávek
    • přímý přístup na internet během sledování vysílaného pořadu
    • možnost zapnout nahrávání oblíbeného pořadu přímo z webových stránek
    • spouštění libovolné Android aplikace
    • pořizování aplikací z Google Chrome Web Store
    • podpora přehrávače Flash ve verzi 10.1
  • Google To Launch Newspass Paywall - If it is confirmed, this new Google facility will mark the beginning of a new era and business model for the search engine giant, who so far had been aggregating data for free for its users. This will also mean that the online media industry, which has been struggling to find suitable business models - in part precisely because of Google's power -, will somehow regain control of some longed-for revenue streams.(Search Engine Watch)
  • An official Australian investigation into the search giant's Wi-Fi privacy debacle has launched - Having already endured a withering attack from Senator Stephen Conroy over its collection of private Wi-Fi data, Google is now facing an Australian Federal Police investigation into whether the incident has broken Australian laws. (apc)
  • Europe may store every web search - A private initiative in the European Parliament, ‘Written Declaration 29′, puts search privacy in peril by proposing to extend the European Data Retention Directive, already in place. (Pandia)
  • Elsevier 2009 $2 billion profits could fund worldwide OA at $1,383 per article - Elsevier per se and Lexis-Nexis each earned over $1 billion US IN PROFIT in 2009, for a profit rate of 35% (Elsevier) and 26% (Reed Elsevier). Together, this is MORE THAN $2 billion in profit from scholarly publishing in 2009. If the total profit from Elsevier and Lexis-Nexis is added together and converted to U.S. dollars, the total is $2,075m. Divided by the estimated worldwide scholarly article output of 1.5 million articles per year (Björk et al, 2008), this comes out to $1,383 U.S.
    In other words, the profits of this one company alone could fund a global, fully open access scholarly publishing system, at a rate of $1,383 U.S. per article. 
    (The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics)

  • 14.5. 10:  The Nano Archive is part of the ICPCNanoNet project, funded by the EU under FP7 for four years from 1st June 2008 (contract number 218282). It brings together partners from the EU, China, India and Russia and aims to provide wider access to published nanoscience research and opportunities for collaboration between scientists in the EU and International Cooperation Partner Countries.

  • 6.5. 10: Chemistry Add-in for Word - The product of a collaboration between Microsoft Research , and the Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics at the University of Cambridge, the Chemistry Add-in for Word makes it easier for students, chemists and researchers to insert and modify chemical information, such as labels, formulas and 2D depictions, from within Microsoft Office Word.
  • SciTopics is a free, wiki-like knowledge-sharing service for the scientific community. It offers distilled, authoritative and up-to-date research summaries on a wide range of scientific topics.

  • 22.9.09 se u nás uskutečnila přednáška Ing. Davida Horkého , manažera firmy Thomson Reuters pro střední a východní Evropu na téma ISI WEB OF KNOWLEDGE , kterou si ZDE můžete stáhnout.
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