Equipment of Vibrational Spectroscopy

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Raman microscope Renishaw in Via with HeNe 632.8 nm, Argon-ion 514.5 nm and near infrared diode 785 nm lasers (2004)

FT-IR spectrometer Nexus Nicolet with photoacoustic cell and horizontal micro-ATR Golden Gate unit (2003)

FT-IR spectrometer Bruker IFS-55 with Raman module FRA-106 (1994).

FT-IR spectrometer Perkin Elmer Paragon 1000 PC

FT-IR spectrometer Thermo Nicolet 6700 with FT-Raman module and FT-IR microscope Continuum (2011)

BIOpolymer POstdoctoral Laboratory and educational center - BIOPOL

Otto Wichterle Centre of Polymer Materials and Technologies - CPMTOW

Centre of Biomedicinal Polymers - CBMP

Centre of Polymer Sensors - CPS

Polymers for Power Engineering - Energolab


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