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The department of vibrational spectroscopy is focused on the application of Raman and infrared spectroscopy to the structural analysis of molecules.  A knowledge of the molecular structure is correlated with that of the macroscopic properties of the materials thus enabling  their better understanding and their prediction. Instrumental equipment of vibrational spectroscopy laboratories provides the possibility to analyze a wide range of samples by the modern methods of FTIR and Raman spectroscopy - from solutions and polymer blends to solid materials in many forms (foils, gels, layers, powders, etc.) and composites. 
Main fields of research:
  • theoretical calculations: molecular modelling, quantum chemical methods
  • aggregation behaviour of thermoresponsive block co-polymers
  • cooperative interactions, mobility and interactions in polymer blends
  • crystallization behaviour and partial order in semi-crystalline polymers
  • water-soluble thermo-responsive polymers
  • conducting polymers, in particular polyaniline and its nanocomposites
  • intercalated clays
  • modified magnetic nanoparticles for medicinal purposes
  • degradation of polyolefins for medicinal and construction purposes.

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