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Paruzel A., Michalowski S., Hodan J., Horák P., Prociak A., Beneš H.
Rigid polyurethane foam fabrication using medium chain glycerides of coconut oil and plastics from end-of-life vehicles
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. Roč. 5, č. 7 (2017), s. 6237-6246

Beneš H., Paruzel A., Trhlíková O., Paruzel B.
Medium chain glycerides of coconut oil for microwave-enhanced conversion of polycarbonate into polyols
European Polymer Journal. Roč. 86, 2017, s. 173-187

Kratochvíl J., Kelnar I.
Non-isothermal kinetics of cold crystallization in multicomponent PLA/thermoplastic polyurethane/nanofiller system
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. Roč. 130, č. 2 (2017), s. 1043-1052

Giel V., Perchacz M., Kredatusová J., Pientka Z.
Gas transport properties of polybenzimidazole and poly(phenylene oxide) mixed matrix membranes incorporated with PDA-functionalised titanate nanotubes
Nanoscale Research Letters. Roč. 12, č. 1 (2017), s. 1-15, č. článku 3

Špírková M., Hodan J., Serkis-rodzen M., Kredatusová J., Zhigunov A., Kotek J.
The effect of pre-set extension on the degree of hydrolytic degradation in multicomponent polyurethane elastomers
Polymer Degradation and Stability. Roč. 142, 2017, s. 69-78

Perchacz M., Beneš H., Zhigunov A., Serkis M., Pavlova E.
Differently-catalyzed silica-based precursors as functional additives for the epoxy-based hybrid materials
Polymer. Roč. 99, 2016, s. 434-446

Špírková M., Kredatusová J., Hodan J.
The impact of conditions mimicking physiological environment on the thermal stability of aliphatic polycarbonate-based polyurethane elastomers
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. Roč. 128, č. 3 (2017), s. 1699-1709

Kelnar I., Hodan J., Kaprálková L., Kratochvíl J., Hromádková J., Kotek J.
J-integral evaluation of nanoclay-modified HDPE/PA6 microfibrillar composites
Polymer Testing. Roč. 58, 2017, s. 54-59

Perchacz M., Donato r. K., Seixas L., Zhigunov A., Konefal R., Serkis-rodzen M., Beneš H.
Ionic liquid-silica precursors via solvent-free sol-gel process and their application in epoxy-amine network: a theoretical-experimental study
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Roč. 9, č. 19 (2017), s. 16474-16487

Ostafinska A., Fortelný I., Hodan J., Krejčíková S., Nevoralová M., Kredatusová J., Kruliš Z., Kotek J., Šlouf M.
Strong synergistic effects in PLA/PCL blends: impact of PLA matrix viscosity
Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials. Roč. 69, 2017, s. 229-241

Špírková M., Hodan J., Kobera L., Kredatusová J., Kubies D., Machová L., Poreba R., Serkis M., Zhigunov A., Kotek J.
The influence of the length of the degradable segment on the functional properties and hydrolytic stability of multi-component polyurethane elastomeric films
Polymer Degradation and Stability. Roč. 137, 2017, s. 216-228

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