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Melánová K., Beneš L., Svoboda J., Zima V., Vlček M., Trchová M.
Synthesis and characterization of new barium methylphosphonates
Dalton Transactions. Roč. 46, č. 16 (2017), s. 5363-5372

Melánová K., Beneš L., Zima V., Svoboda J., Růžička A.
Intercalation of alcohols into barium phenylphosphonate: influence of the number and position of functional groups in the guests on their arrangement in the intercalates
Journal of Solid State Chemistry. Roč. 251, 2017, s 211-216

Tichý L., Tichá H.
Correlation between photo-induced red shift of the optical band gap and the slope of Urbach edge in amorphous and glassy As2S3
Materials Letters. Roč. 164, 2016, s. 232-234

Melánová K., Beneš L., Svoboda J., Zima V., Trchová M., Vlček M., Almonasy N.
Cerium(IV) phenylphosphonates and para-substituted phenylphosphonates: preparation and characterization
Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry. Roč. 87, č. 3-4(2017), s. 331-339

Svoboda J., Melánová K., Zima V., Beneš L., Pšenička M., Pospíšil M., Kovář P.
Influence of 1,2-alkanediols on the structure of their intercalates with strontium phenylphosphonate solved by molecular simulation and experimental methods
Journal of Molecular Modeling . Roč. 22, č. 6 (2016), s. 143_1-143_9

Tichý L., Tichá H.
On the "compositional threshold" in GeS2-Sb2S3, GeSe2-Sb2Se3 and GeS2-Bi2S3 glasses
Materials Chemistry and Physics. Roč. 152, 2015, s. 1-3

Zima V., Shimakawa K., Lin c. H.
Protonic conductivity of polycrystalline materials evaluated with effective medium percolation approach: A case study on lithium-carboxylate based MOF
Solid State Ionics. Roč. 292, 2016, s. 98-102

Zima V., Melánová K., Kovář P., Beneš L., Svoboda J., Pospíšil M., Růžička A.
Intercalates of strontium phenylphosphonate with alcohols - Structure analysis by experimental and molecular modeling methods
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. Roč. 2015, č. 9, s. 1552-1561

Melánová K., Kovář P., Gamba M., Pospíšil M., Beneš L., Zima V., Svoboda J., Miklík D., Bureš F., Knotek P.
Structural arrangement of 4-[4-(dimethylamino)phenylazo]pyridine push-pull molecules in acidic layered hosts solved by experimental and calculation methods
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. Roč. 2017, č. 1 (2017), s. 115-123

Svoboda J., Zima V., Melánová K., Beneš L., Trchová M.
Intercalation chemistry of zirconium 4-sulfophenylphosphonate
Journal of Solid State Chemistry. Roč. 208, 2013, s. 58-64

Bureš F., Cvejn D., Melánová K., Beneš L., Svoboda J., Zima V., Pytela O., Mikysek T., Růžičková Z., Kityk i. V., Wojciechowski A., Alzayed N.
Effect of intercalation and chromophore arrangement on the linear and nonlinear optical properties of model aminopyridine push–pull molecules
Journal of Materials Chemistry C. Roč. 4, č. 3 (2016), s. 468-478

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