Available positions

18.10.2017 - Scientific Researcher/Postdoctoral fellow position - Bioactive coatings

Selective procedure: Scientific Researcher/Postdoctoral fellow. Topic: Bioactive coatings for cardiovascular grafts. Place of work:  Vestec near Prague. Close date: December 10, 2017;


13.10.2017 - Scientist for Department of X-ray and neutron structural analysis

Selective procedure: Research scientist (Department of X-ray and neutron structural analysis).

Position starting date:  8.1.2018

Application deadline: 31.11.2017



10.10.2017 - Scientist - Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Selective procedure: Scientific Researcher/Postdoctoral fellow  position for the research program VP4 „Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering“, group on „Polymeric Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine“.

Close date: November 17, 2017;

Place of work:  Vestec near Prague


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