František Rypáček, PhD
Consultant Msc.Vladimír Proks, PhD
TopicBiomaterials with Nanostructured Surfaces for Directed Cell Cultivation
AnnotationIn cell cultures or in tissue engineering, the cultivation substrate/biomaterial scaffold mimics the function of extracellular matrix (ECM). Similarly to ECM, the biomaterial must provide ligands for cell receptors - integrines, analogous to those of ECM by their molecular structure and spatial distribution on the surface. The work objective is to develop selective chemical procedures that would allow us to bind specific focal-adhesion ligands, typically peptide fragments, which would promote formation focal adhesions of cells. For surface modification, the organized molecular layers, e.g. poly(ethylene oxide) brushes, will be prepared taking advantage of a suitable reactive interface, and alkyne-azide cycloaddition (CuAAC "click chemistry") or thiol-olefine (thiol-ene) reactions will be used for selective binding of ligands. New variations of modification reactions will be developed, affording binding of peptide ligands in a specific surface pattern to promote integrin clustering.

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