Jiří Michálek, PhD
Consultant Miroslava Dušková, PhD
TopicNew biomimetic hydrogels
AnnotationBiomedical applications require materials with the possibility to set the desired parameters sufficiently sensitive and, at the same time, in relatively broad limits. In various applications, however, the materials with extraordinary mechanical or optical properties are currently sought. Also, the possibility of managing and setting the variable properties of these materials (as for stents for gastrointestinal tract, sphincter substitutes, the replacement of eye tissue, etc.) is now in focus of very active research. Thanks to their properties, synthetic hydrogels play an important role among the materials for biomedical use. The way of hydrogel synthesis and the chemical modification of its surface will substantially affect the interaction with living tissues. The work will consist of the preparation of hydrophilic polymer networks (covalent, physical, hybrid or interpenetrating), preparation of block or segmented copolymers and their characterization in terms of the resulting physical and chemical properties, especially mechanical and swelling response and optical properties.

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