Miroslav Šlouf, PhD
TopicSandwich nanocomposites
AnnotationMajor problem of synthetic polymer nanocomposites is to achieve a good dispersion of nanofiller in a polymer matrix. We developed a sandwich method, which is optimized for small samples (10mm x 10mm x 0.2mm) containing homogeneous layer(s) of nanoparticles between thin polymer films. The method is suitable for detailed investigation of heterogeneous nucleation of polymer crystallization. The nucleation of polymer crystallization is an important process, which influences material properties. Sandwich nanocomposites of selected polymers (PP, POM) and various nucleating agents (metal micro/nanocrystals, TiO2-based particles, commercial nucleants) will be studied. Sandwich method has been published quite recently and its application promises original findings in the field of polymer nanocomposites.

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